Best of Tableau Web: December 2021

Andy Cotgreave highlights data visualization tips, tricks, and inspiration produced by the Tableau community.

Welcome to 2022. With the end of one year and the start of another, it’s a good time to reflect and renew. I enjoy reading your summaries of recent times. Sarah Bartlett’s review of the year is always thorough and an inspiration. Donna Coles reflects on Workout Wednesday using a viz. The Flerlage Twins take a longer view and look at their ten favourite Tableau Public vizzes of all time. For some people, the reflections are about endings (and new beginnings). Spencer Bauke explains why he’s stepping down from SportsVizSunday. Ann Jackson ends her four year run at Workout Wednesday. Thank you to Ann and Spencer for all their contributions to these projects over the years and hello to the next generation taking stewardship of these projects.

At this time of year, we also look forward. I recently wrote about the impact Makeover Monday has had on the community; the post included multiple reflections from other members of the community. While Makeover Monday came to an end last year, there are many existing and new projects to fill the gap and grow your skills. Three I’m excited about are Back 2 Viz Basics, Data Plus Music and Games Night Viz

As always, I encourage you to share your learnings. Whether you write blogs (like Donna Coles) or do videos, articulating your learnings cements them in your own mind. Don’t be intimidated by more established authors, or by people who’ve learnt more about Tableau than you: remember, all those people started somewhere, and were looking for content relevant to their levels. Your voice matters!

Finally, if you think you’ll work better by collaborating with someone else, go straight to Nicole Klassan’s blog, where she shares what she’s learnt by working with Oana Tudorancea. Nicole even has a place where you can find others to collaborate with. Check out #VizCollab.

Visualization of climate financing titled Past Due by Nicole Kissman and Oana Tudorancea.
Nicole Klassan and Oana Tudorancea's visualization for #VizCollab. Click to view their full visualization on Tableau Public.

With that, enjoy Best of the Tableau Web with tips, tricks, inspiration and more produced by the Tableau community. For updates throughout the month, follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn, and check out the list of blogs I follow for Best of the Tableau Web. If you don’t see yours on the list, I invite you to add it here.


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