Eliminating Infectious Diseases

International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

Developing and deploying treatment around the world

Around 37 million people have HIV, and AIDS-related illnesses kill nearly 1 million people each year. IAVI analyzes data on treatment outcomes to inform ongoing research and vaccine development.

Partnership start date: 2017

Total funding committed: $128,775

Region: Global

Website: https://www.iavi.org

What they do IAVI manages a global research network that includes clinical research centers in Africa and India, where the burden of HIV and AIDS is highest. Their collaborative approach to research and development has lead to breakthroughs like the creation of antibodies that can ward off a wide range of HIV strains. IAVI also works with communities and health providers to ensure patients have access to the treatments they produce. What our partnership does Throughout its over 20-year history, IAVI has amassed a wide range of data on vaccine and treatment trials. To make this information more easily accessible to researchers in the space, IAVI is using Tableau to visualize and share its data sets.