DataDev Day 2021

Thank you for a great DataDev event! If you missed it, access the session recordings below.

Technology Partner Overview

You did WHAT with Tableau APIs?!

Intro to the Tableau CRM Developer Experience

Webhook me up! Before You Go-Go

Build a data dictionary with Tableau's Metadata API and Tableau Prep Builder

Annotate all the Tableau things

Top DataDev Tips for Tableau Admins

Automate Everything - How JPMorgan keeps up with user demand

Integrate your data with MuleSoft and Tableau

Tableau Extensibility Framework - The next Level of Analytical Applications

From an API Call to an Enterprise Application

Embedding Concepts - Building a Strava App with Tableau

To the moon with Bitcoin data and Tableau API use cases

Say goodbye to User Administration. Enable self-service user & permission management with Rest APIs.

Make your ML models available to everyone with Tableau Analytics Extension API!

Deep Dive in one of the keynote announcements

How pantab Makes the Hyper API work with pandas

Hyper + Big Data = <3

LEVEL UP: Building games with Tableau APIs

Building Amazon SageMaker for Tableau with the Analytics Extension API


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