Tableau Enables More Efficient, Effective Survey Analysis

Since implementing Tableau, analysis and reporting have become significantly easier for our analysts and significantly more valuable for our clients.

Customer Profile

Kwantum Institute provides specialized and innovative market research services for major global automotive manufacturers, including Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Ford, GM, Volkswagen and others.

Customer Case Description

Kwantum’s typical process for survey analysis and reporting—involving a combination of Excel pivot tables, charts and VBA macros—was extremely time-consuming and produced only static but extremely lengthy reports. As a result, clients were losing interest and missing potentially important findings and results.

The company needed a survey analysis and reporting tool that would not only improve its internal operational processes but also increase the quality of its customer offerings by structuring results visually In addition, Kwantum required a solution that was able to access its massive ChoiceMonitor database (up to 200 million rows of data) without impacting the integrity of its other systems.

Finally, given the ever-changing market conditions in the automotive industry, Kwantum’s clients required reports and dashboards that offered real-time information as well as the ability to further interact with the data to a degree that static Excel tables don’t allow.

The Solution

Kwantum deployed Tableau’s visual analysis applications to enable it to easily distribute and share advanced analyses with its customers. Tableau’s ability to access data directly from the ChoiceMonitor database and present it in real-time to clients via a browser allowed the individual customers to interact with the data, highlighting specific points of interest, modifying the view or customizing their analyses—all without having to recreate entire reports from the ground up or learn complicated query languages.

“Although Kwantum is a boutique market research firm, the ease in which Tableau is installed and deployed allowed us to share data and insights with our clients much more rapidly, as if we had the IT resources of a much larger firm,” said Piotr Motyka, principal and co-owner of Kwantum. “

Tableau has also enabled Kwantum to significantly increase the customer’s ability to understand and benefit from the data, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. The solution enables Kwantum’s clients to rapidly see important trends without having to spend hours wading through data and spreadsheets.

Additionally, Tableau allowed Kwantum’s analysts to concentrate on discussing results and working on conclusions with clients, rather than only delivering data. Kwantum replaced hundreds of pages of reports (each formatted separately) with 21 easy-to-understand dashboards.

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