YouGov Survey Results: Data-Driven Companies Are More Confident, Resilient

63% of data-driven companies’ leaders say they’re optimistic about their companies’ futures

8 in 10 data-driven companies say data has been a critical advantage during the pandemic

82% of data-driven companies plan to invest in data skills and training

From faster decision-making to greater agility, data is helping companies manage new challenges and build resilience to future ones. That’s what we found out when we partnered with global opinion company YouGov to better understand how companies have been navigating ongoing uncertainty. 

Surveying managers and IT decision-makers in Australia, India, Japan and Singapore, we found that data-led companies are enjoying significant advantages compared to their peers. It’s creating a ‘data divide’ that leaders can’t afford to ignore.

Our report, 2,500 leaders, four countries, one major data divide, explores these insights and how they can help your own company become more data driven. Findings include: 

  • Data-driven companies say data helped them make faster decisions and improved agility during the pandemic
  • Future planning and predicting risk exposure were some of the biggest challenges of the pandemic, making data-informed decision-making even more important
  • Even data-driven companies face barriers to more effective use of data, including awareness gaps

Discover how to make the most of your data analytics and build a wider data culture

Findings suggest that prioritising data can help companies move faster and more efficiently, but what does prioritising data actually look like in practice? What does it take to develop the kind of data culture that’s increasingly necessary for organisations to succeed? 

Get the report to find out, including practical tips and examples of businesses who are using data to stay two steps ahead.

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