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Data Literacy: A Critical Element to Building a Data-Driven Culture

Healthcare and life science organizations are focused on improving the health of patients and members by providing data-driven insights. Building a data culture is your missing link to improving the patient experience. Developing a successful data culture is difficult and requires organizational commitment and effort.

This webinar details how building a data culture is accomplished by establishing data literacy at your organization. We explain and identify data literacy from a historical context and share how healthcare and life science organizations benefit from data literacy in improving their data culture. In this presentation we cover:

  • What data literacy means and how it developed in organizations
  • Why it’s important right now for healthcare professionals
  • What decisions organizations can make to increase data literacy skills/advocacy.

Learn more about data literacy and how it helps build a data-driven culture to improve the patient experience at your organization.

About the speakers


Sarah Nell-Rodriquez

Principal High Touch Success Manager, Tableau

Sarah Nell-Rodriquez is a globally recognized industry expert in software education and Data Literacy. Sarah brings her deep knowledge of technical education to Customer Success to help companies build a successful data culture.

Sarah is passionate about education and the difference it can make in people’s lives. As one of the original pioneers of the Data Literacy movement, she frequently speaks on how to implement education programs and the need for Data Literacy skills today.


Chris Harris

Senior High Touch Success Manager, Tableau

Chris Harris brings years of experience from one of Tableau’s most successful customers within Healthcare & Life Sciences. While Chris has an affinity for people and data, it wasn’t until a few years ago where he began to develop a sense of understanding between the two – data to the people is useless without context. Chris encourages people to combine industry-specific knowledge and experiences with BI technologies such as Tableau on their path towards data literacy.

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