Viz Roundup: Volcanic Eruptions, Climate Change, and Tableau Sushi

Enjoy a brief history of 20th century volcanoes, a sushi calorie counter, and a rather useful seismic risk assessment of the neighborhoods of Tokyo.

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Here are a few of our recent favorites (though it's tough to pick just a few). These vizzes show a brief history of volcanic eruptions, a sushi calorie counter, and a seismic risk-assessment of the neighborhoods of Tokyo.

Tokyo Earthquake Risks

Property Systems KK created this bilingual viz to help people evaluate the seismic risk of their area in the event of an earthquake. The viz compares two primary risks, building collapse and fire. Hover over individual neighborhoods to see where they fall in each category.

Volcanic Eruptions: 1914-2015

Self-described data nerd Rody Zakovick examined the frequency of volcanic eruptions in the past century, focusing on the deadliest eruptions. Check out his color scheme, which is quite appropriate for the subject of the viz.

Global Temperature Change: 1850-2016

Neil Richards took #MakeoverMonday by storm with his viz documenting the median monthly global temperature change from 1850 to today. Using the baseline average temperature as the center point of the color scheme is an effective way to show when the planet starts warming at an accelerated rate. Well done!

Tableau Sushi

Russell Spangler won our Food Fight Viz contest with this beauty. The viz explores the nutritional content of all your favorite ingredients in sushi. Hover over the individual ingredients to see the nutritional details. You can also vote for your favorite sushi and see a running total of "best seller" votes!

As always, thank you for creating and sharing your creations with the rest of us. Viz on!