Growing the Latinx Data Community with the Comunidatos

A shared passion for data, the Latinx culture, and the creation of Spanish content inspired the formation of the Comunidatos Tableau User Group.

A shared passion for data, the Latinx culture, and the Spanish language inspired the formation of the Comunidatos Tableau User Group. Read on to learn about the inspiration behind this Tableau User Group and how to get involved. 

How did Comunidatos get started?

It all started during a conversation Tableau User Group Ambassador Ruy Aguilar had with his Tableau success partner about their passion for their culture and the idea of bringing together Spanish speakers on their shared love for data. Ruy recalls, “I remember meeting Latinx community members at different analytics events. We agreed that there was a need for in-language support, and we knew that we could gain a lot from getting together and sharing best practices. We were also passionate about supporting other Latinx talent in their career journeys.” 

This idea quickly became a reality and the Comunidatos User Group held its inaugural meeting in 2020. Since its founding, the user group has consistently held virtual meetups monthly and membership has grown to over 4500 members globally. In 2023, Comunidatos branched out into local in-person meetups. Subgroups have been started in Argentina, Bogotá, Costa Rica, and Buenos Aires. 

Comunidatos is truly a DataFam-wide effort, both in the way it started and how it continues. The co-leaders of Comunidatos who organize these events for the Tableau Latinx community are Ruy Aguilar, Pablo Gomez, Pahola Diaz, Diego Parker, Victor Calderon, Cristian Saavedra, Yamil Medina, and Vicor Muñoz. Hear from some of the leaders and members of Comunidatos on how this group has impacted them. 

John Jairo Ahumada headshot

John Jairo Ahumada, Comunidatos Bogota Leader

"I joined the Comuni[Datos] community because I was in the process of developing my career in data analytics. In the community, I found access to knowledge and experiences from professionals across different industries and regions.

Based on my experience with Comuni[Datos], I decided to create Comuni[Datos] Bogotá with the goal of supporting all individuals in Colombia who are working with or interested in Tableau. The aim is to provide local support and contribute to the growth of Tableau in Colombia."

Pahola Diaz headshot

Pahola Daniela Diaz, Comunidatos Leader & Tableau Solutions Engineer

"Since 2020, I have been working hand in hand with a great team, and despite always coordinating virtually from a distance, our passion for contributing and sharing knowledge knows no bounds." 

Diego Parker, Gustavo Alberto Victor Calderon, Francis Dejonckheere, Sergio Carbajales, Geovanna Meier, Pahola Diaz, Brenda Bitar [Left to Right]  

What can you expect from a Comunidatos meetup?

Meetups are in Spanish, held virtually every month, and cover beginner, intermediate, and advanced data analytics topics. Examples of past events and topics have focused on:

  • Data visualization technical walk-throughs
  • Experts covering topics like data storytelling and Data+Diversity
  • Networking and career opportunities  

Pablo Gomez headshot

Pablo Gomez, Comunidatos Leader

“The most rewarding part of connecting with the community comes from the networking sessions and meeting people. There are so many amazing people out there with different Tableau experiences, making our connections so diverse. We all come from different countries with such rich cultural backgrounds that it makes talking with one another so interesting.”

During meetings, leaders typically assign a table for each speaker so that after each presentation they can have conversations with other attendees. Leaders have seen this creates connections beyond the meetup—members will connect on LinkedIn or other platforms to continue to stay in touch. 

Get involved and participate in Comunidatos

  1. Join the Comunidatos User Group page to stay up to date on upcoming meetups
  2. Network on Slack and share career opportunities, ideas and help other members.
  3. Sign up to be a panelist at one of their events.
  4. Simply create content in Spanish and share it with the #DataFam. Comunidatos is on a mission to create more Spanish content for the Latinx data community.