Best of Tableau Web: January 2022

A highlight of data visualization tips, tricks and inspiration produced by the Tableau community.

Last month, Andy was discussing the value and the breadth of all the Tableau Community projects, and one of those is a new kid on the block called Back to Viz Basics (B2VB). From this project, I saw a really great post from Darragh Murray about the importance of exploratory data analysis. Over the years I’ve been asked many times about how one becomes a better data analyst. In the post, Darragh talks about his process on the approach to answering an analytical question. For someone new to the field, this lays it out better than I could have ever dreamt, as my general answer to the question was “foster your curiosity and continue to ask questions of the data.”

While my suggested approach works in a sense, Darragh’s is a bit more prescriptive and it’s definitely worth a read. Many times when people are new to the field, veterans will often forget to share the small steps because we take them as subconscious muscle memory and we just do them instinctually. Simple things like taking the time to profile the data rather than just diving in and dragging random fields to rows and columns can save you hours in some cases, depending on the data set of course.

If you are new to the field of analytics, I highly recommend you bookmark Darragh’s post, and at the same time, don’t be afraid to add your own steps to the framework. Your curiosity and unique approach could be the difference between insights and missed opportunities… and if you are mentoring new people in data and analytics, be sure and share with them the “little” secrets we sometimes forget to share.

Image of scatter plot visualization showing  American college basketball coaching data.

Click to see Darragh's full interactive viz on Tableau Public.

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