Club Premier evolves analytics from four hours to a few clicks

Club Premier is a Mexico-based loyalty program with more than 3 million members and over 100 affiliates. Members earn points to redeem with various major airlines and other select retailers. In video one, Noemi Hernandez, Customer Experience Manager discusses how they can pull data from their Oracle database and bring it into Tableau. With Tableau, Club Premier no longer spends hours getting indicators. Users can now view information with the click of the button and securely share data using Tableau Server. In video 2, Noemi describes how their partner, ReSolt is helping them grow their implementation beyond commercial areas. Club Premier started within the retail branch to help partners visualize their profitability. With help from ReSolt, they have expanded Tableau to four business areas, with plans to move into all departments.

Tableau: What prompted you to check out Tableau? Noemi Hernandez, Customer Experience Manager: We are Club Premier; we have more than 100 different affiliates and giving these partners added value was very important to us, where they could come in and see each of the metrics we have set up, and we have come to have a business relationship with them. So it is very important for us that all the metrics and indicators that we handle in the company can be shared both at different levels and with our partners. Tableau: What factors are important to you in a business intelligence solution? Noemi: It was important for us to have an integrated source of information and be able to use it and make different indicators and markers that would already be validated beforehand by their corresponding areas. Tableau: What data do you analyze in Tableau? Noemi: As regards to sources of information, we currently connect Tableau to an Oracle database where we have concentrated as much information as possible about the transactions of each of our partners.

Speed is an important point. Other tools were taking up to four hours to get an indicator each week. That's four working hours. With Tableau we're getting that with one click.

Tableau: What challenges were you facing before Tableau? Noemi: Basically, speed is an important point. I mean, talking about the other kinds of tools people had, they were taking up to four hours to get an indicator each week. That's four working hours that you are paying your people for which with Tableau we're getting with one click. Tableau: What other benefits have you experienced? Noemi: On the other hand, what we have seen with Tableau as an improvement has a lot to do with what we have talked about in terms of the integrity of the information. In other words, now we can know that the information that is being shown, both to the partner as well as to senior management, is information that has already been validated by the areas of business intelligence. Another point is the level of security that Tableau gives us. Information had previously been handled through e-mails; we would talk through text files. The level of security that gives us in this case, where I am on the side of systems, is very important, especially because the information is no longer going around just anywhere, but it has to pass through a flow. We have clear processes for the approval of information within Tableau and that has supported us a lot to know that we're in a good place and we have the information where it should be. It involves an initial investment, which is the development of the dashboards, but in the end all the support of having the information right there at hand and right when it is needed is a great advantage that we have received with Tableau.

Partnering with ReSolt

Tableau: Can you talk about your partner network? Noemi: On the issue of volume, we were saying that Club Premier is a company that has more than 100 affiliates and more than 3 million customers. So for the same reason this crosschecking of information takes us to a very detailed level of accumulation and redemption for each of our partners within each of the partners. In addition to this, we have partners that are the retail branch that send us information to the SKU level. So for us, information is extremely important and the volume of information is very, very heavy. Both comparing us as a company and with retail. Tableau: Which departments use Tableau? Noemi: Initially it began with an area that in this case is retail. The objective of this area is to see what the movement is for each of the partners and what is the profitability for each of our partners. That is why we started with that business. But the goal of having Tableau is to start with all the commercial areas. We already have four of our business areas within Tableau now, and the objective is not only that the commercial areas use it, but that our back areas can use it also. Tableau: What were some keys to the success of your deployment? Noemi: Implementation began basically with the ReSolt team and from our side, having two people dedicated to the part of supporting this consultancy firm and with business areas that we started, so it was with three or four retail people, and on the air side, seeing that Aeroméxico is our biggest partner. We finally concluded from this evaluation process that both Tableau and ReSolt were the tools that would be able to help us with implementation and meeting these business needs. So much training they had, both in requirements gathering and in dashboard development, they were our right-hand in the implementation of this entire project. Tableau: Where do you think your company would be without Tableau? Noemi: Where would we be? Well, quite simply, going crazy in the company, right?