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Governance for Tableau: Ensure True Self-Service Analytics at Scale

Stay competitive with an accessible, flexible approach to governed data analytics

Access to data across the enterprise is a business imperative in today’s digital world. The answers to today’s most pressing business problems lie in the data. 

When data is unique, timely, and trusted, it challenges intuition; provides insights to break free of the status quo; optimizes operations; drives strategic initiatives; and helps organizations quickly respond to rapid changes in business.

That’s why organizations are arming people at all levels with data and analytics. And we want to help you succeed with governed data and analytics, too.

This guide will explain how governance in Tableau creates trust and confidence by establishing controls, roles, and repeatable processes across three main areas:

  • Part 1 — Integration: Connect and curate your data to effectively manage its responsible use.
  • Part 2 — Access: Define and customize roles, permissions, and governance workflows.
  • Part 3 — Oversight: Ensure complete visibility into data governance across the enterprise.

Plus, you’ll learn how some of our most data-driven customers successfully implement and manage governance that empowers people and enables agility—even in some of the most highly regulated industries. 

Transform your organization with scalable and governed self-service analytics

Incorporating self-service data and analytics into decision-making cycles is how you will see the most transformative impact on your organization. When you empower the people in your company who know their respective areas of the business, they can unlock new opportunities and make smarter decisions, faster, with a complete and trusted view of the business.

Governance of data and analytics allows both IT and business decision makers to shift away from rigid, restrictive access and to embrace an agile, modern approach that provides trusted content to the right people at the right time, based on business needs. Such an approach requires the coordination of IT and business decision makers.

Download the ebook to continue learning more about Tableau governance.

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