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TripAdvisor's Tableau Journey (From Excel to 10 Billion Records and Beyond)

TripAdvisor will share how Tableau has transformed how its product organizations measure their impact on the business. TripAdvisor will walk through their journey from manual Excel reports to fully automated Tableau dashboards. And they'll discuss how they are using Tableau and Amazon Redshift to enable deep dive analysis on over 10 billion records (with over 1,000 dimensions and measures) with minimal latency. They will focus on how Tableau has accelerated their decision-making ability by allowing them to better listen to their users.

À propos de l'intervenant

Eric York

Analytics Manager, Revenue Optimization at TripAdvisor

Eric has spent the last eight years of his career focusing on developing/deploying analytic solutions for various medium to large size companies. He has been an avid Tableau evangelist since first being introduced to the software in 2006 while working at EMC. Eric is originally from the DC Metro area, growing up in both Maryland and Virginia. He came to the Boston area to attend Babson College and decided to stick around after graduation for the great weather.

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