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Taha Ebrahimi, Director of Tableau Public, and Dr. Dennis Kao from Carleton University team up to help walk you through all things Tableau Public. Learn ways to best utilize Tableau Public inside and outside the classroom. 

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À propos des intervenants


Dr. Dennis Kao

Associate Professor

Dr. Dennis Kao is an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work at Carleton University, where he teaches macro social work practice and serves as the undergraduate program supervisor. His interests include: health equity issues impacting ethnic minority seniors; aging-friendly communities; and the applications of geographic information systems (GIS)/ spatial analysis and data visualization for social work practice and research.


Taha Ebrahimi

Director, Tableau Public

Taha Ebrahimi began her career as a journalist at The Seattle Times in 2003 before moving on to spend 15 years in strategic communications for the risk management industry, joining Tableau in August 2018. She is the Director of Tableau Public and first fell in love with Tableau as a customer when she attended an event three years ago.

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