Maximise Your Experience with Tableau Online - by Billigence

Nous sommes désolés, cet évènement est terminé.

With the ever-increasing abundance of data, the number of data workers increases as well, and so do the capabilities of tools and platforms for working with the data. The visual analytics platform Tableau is no exception, adding a suite of powerful and useful features in its regular quarterly updates during last year.

Join us on a journey to explore their true potential.


In this webinar, you'll learn about:

1) the benefits of Tableau, with particular focus on Tableau Online

2) how to use Tableau Prep on the web & build dashboards using the web editing feature

3) Collections & Personal Space features and how they help with organisation

4) how to use Metrics, Ask Data Lenses and Explain Data to obtain deeper insights

and more.


This webinar will be presented by Sharon Purbowo, Business Intelligence Consultant, Billigence Singapore.