Tableau Furthers Oco’s Turnkey BI Solution

Customer Profile

Oco, Inc. provides rapidly deployed Business Intelligence solutions via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model to a variety of clients, including Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods and Industrial Manufacturing. By delivering a turnkey solution in 6-10 weeks, Oco can offer a robust business intelligence solution to its clients with a Total Cost of Ownership that is a fraction of a standard BI deployment.

Customer Case Description

Oco takes any amount of data from any system in any location, integrates and organizes it into a data warehouse, and provides powerful, easy-to-use reporting and analytics for its clients. Oco wanted to get sophisticated data visualization capabilities to provide its customers with a robust tool to present data in many different formats.

“We have a robust set of dashboards, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and operational drill-down reports that are optimized for key industry issues. We wanted to provide additional capabilities around data visualization. Most importantly, we wanted to empower our end users to build their own graphical reports,” said Joseph Schramm, VP of Business Development.

With Tableau, our end users are more empowered to create their own views of their data rapidly with a robust tool.

The Solution

Oco turned to Tableau, with its Desktop and Server product suite. Continued Schramm, “With Tableau, our end users are more empowered to create their own views of their data rapidly with a robust tool.”

“Tableau is this great data visualization and analytics tool. We have this great turnkey, hosted data warehouse capability. When you plug Tableau on top of our solution, you can see your business in a whole new way” Schramm commented. “Plus, Tableau makes custom analytics and visualization fast and easy. People can literally get started in minutes with the control and flexibility to explore and visualize their data on a personal level.”

Oco’s core industries will be particularly interested in being able to use Tableau’s mapping in their data analytics and visualization. Continued Schramm, “one of the common dimensions we see is geography. Being able to rapidly map data with Tableau is very appealing at the retail level and across the transportation and logistics functional area.”

In sum, Tableau helps Oco deliver comprehensive and unique visualization of information to its clients.

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