Eastern Alliance Trading Group

Eastern Alliance Trading Group cuts manual reporting across 300,000 transactions per year

Cut manual reporting processes for 300,000 transactions

Real-time insight into collections and credit aging

Monitor sales trends and maintain proper stock quantities

Eastern Alliance Trading Sdn Bhd (EA) is a group of companies that are responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of consumer goods and services on behalf of agencies and owned inhouse brands across Sabah, Sarawak, and Brunei. Before Tableau, employees across Eastern Alliance often repeated daily, monthly, and quarterly analysis works and only few people had access to these reports and rely heavily on IT to prepare the data.

Today, more than 25 analysts across management and the sales and operations teams access Tableau Desktop and Server on hourly basis to analyse sales, products trends, market sentiment, and profit in addition to forecasting stocks level and procurement. With Tableau, the EA analyst team no longer has to refresh, extract, or manually blend multiple data sources to monitor real-time sales performance and key performance indicators (KPIs) for thousands of transactions. All managers across the whole organisation can now track KPIs and make quick adjustments whenever necessary. Overall, Eastern Alliance Trading experienced increased productivity and empowered managers to make decisions based on data.

Once an individual begins to use Tableau, they want to access it every day. They find that they can increase productivity through data insight and they can get their work done faster.

Finding insights within 30,000 transactions

Eastern Alliance Trading Sdn Bhd is a distributor company that has more than 1000 daily transactions, which translates to about 300,000 transactions in a year. The company stores sales data in Microsoft SQL Server, uses a Syntrino Distributor Management System, CRM and Sales League to manage sales transactions, and blends accounting data from SAP Business One. Since the company acts as a distributor for FMCG and Telco product, it processes supply chain data for thousands of consumer goods.

Eastern Alliance adopted Tableau to enable all employees to analyse and understand their data. Today more than 25 analysts across management and the sales and operations team access the Tableau platform to gather insights. Instead of creating repetitive reports, employees can focus on market intelligence and future planning that drive the business forward.

Monitoring sales performance for thousands of consumer goods

Previously Eastern Alliance needed to extract data from Excel files and multiple systems to see current sales numbers or maintain the correct inventories numbers. With Tableau, managers can spot sales trends and monitor sales performance for each consumer brands in real time. With Tableau Mobile, Eastern Alliance Trading’s head of sales and warehouse manager can now check sales numbers on a mobile device for analysis on the go. Collections and bank reconciliation is now easier since branch administrators can access their daily aging and collection reports through Tableau Server instead of a static PDF or Excel file. Printing of reports is totally eliminated, no more cumbersome papers.

Tableau has also improved data management and helps to save time. New Tableau users continue to provide positive feedback and regularly access Tableau Server on a daily basis—increasing productivity.

Top management can check each brand and sum of all brand sales volume by branch whenever they want. The head of sales can also check each team's sales performance on the Tableau Mobile app.