Alibaba Cloud

Tableau is focused on providing our customers with the autonomy and flexibility required for analytics at scale, regardless of the location of our customers and their data. Our customers are now increasingly deploying Tableau in the cloud. For this reason, we are excited to announce that Tableau will partner with Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing business unit at Alibaba Group. Alibaba Cloud is the leading public cloud provider in China, as well as one of the leading global cloud providers.

Tableau Server on Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS)

Tableau Server on Alibaba Cloud Deployment Guide

Our partnership with Alibaba Cloud allows our customers to deploy Tableau Server on Alibaba Cloud ECS to scale on their own terms in real time. This allows customers to stay focused on driving business development, rather than on having to maintain large, expensive IT infrastructure and adding even more resources as data grows. The Deployment guide can be found here.

Connectivity for Alibaba Cloud

Tableau’s native connectors make it easy for customers on Alibaba Cloud to connect to leading databases like RDS for MySQL, RDS for SQL Server and RDS for Postgres. Alibaba Cloud and Tableau are also actively working together on the Tableau connector SDK to build native connectors for the following platforms and services:


MaxCompute is a fully-managed universal multi-tenant data processing platform that serves large data warehouses.


AnalyticDB is a cloud-based OLAP data analytics service that uses big data processing to provide actionable insights.

Data Lake Analytics

Data Lake Analytics (DLA) is an interactive analytics service with serverless architecture. DLA does not require preconfigured infrastructure or up-front administrative costs.