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Tableau CRM: The Intelligent Experience for Life Sciences

For life sciences companies, visibility across clinical research and supply chain activity means better results. Having a unified, real-time view of your ecosystem with insights from across your organization delivers greater agility.

Tableau CRM is a complete intelligence platform built on the world’s #1 CRM, Salesforce. It offers pharmaceutical and medtech companies a native analytics experience that allows their Salesforce users to surface intelligent, actionable insights right within their workflow to boost productivity. Join this webinar to learn how Tableau CRM provides life sciences companies with analytics that addresses use cases like:

  • Time to Therapy: Understand factors that impact the time between when an HCP prescribes treatment and when the patient begins therapy and leverage AI-powered recommendations to improve it.

  • Patient Adherence: Access key metrics that affect patient adherence and get actionable recommendations to improve adherence, right within your workflow.

  • Intelligent Sales: Surface actionable insights right within your CRM workflow and take action to increase propensity to win.

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David Lou

Product Marketing Manager

David Mazzeo

Senior Solutions Engineer

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