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Five Steps to Revenue: How to Create a Great Data Product

Learn important considerations for building a profitable data product

Data product owners have a tough job. They not only need to bring their product to market on time and on budget, but they also have to make sure that product meets their customers’ needs. Today, an increasing need is for better analytics within applications. As more organizations are monetizing their data, they are also faced with challenges to get their products to market quickly, and main profitability. Watch this webinar to learn about navigating common pitfalls when establishing an embedded analytics integration strategy, including important considerations throughout five important steps you should take to drive revenue with a great data product. This includes:

  • Achieving alignment on the project—from goals and metrics to anticipating key challenges
  • Picking appropriate personas to ensure you’re designing for the intended audience
  • Defining your offering—including features, functionality, and use cases at each tier
  • Setting strategic pricing that reflects the value of your solution in the market
  • Planning a successful product launch across all necessary teams

Additionally, you’ll see an example of Tableau embedded analytics within a CRM solution that manages a call center.

Understand and navigate the risks and rewards of monetizing your data

Access to modern data and analytics can help your customers make better decisions while they work within your products. An embedded analytics integration can offer your customers powerful, intuitive insights seamlessly into end users’ workflows within your product. For your organization, valuable business intelligence can also offer increased engagement with your products, a competitive advantage in the market, and a completely new revenue stream or even business model. But the right analytics solution is just the first step. Product managers need to plan and execute strategically, as the stakes are high for data products. Your solution can fail if you have data quality issues, incorrect visualizations, or you design dashboards for the wrong audience. Plus, the work isn’t done once your new analytics solution is launched—that’s when you start to learn what your customers really want. Watch the webinar to learn more. Powered by Tableau: Embedding Analytics Webinar Series Fast to Create. Fast to Market. Learn more.

About the speakers


Kevin Smith

Analytics and Data Product Strategy/Product Marketing Leader, NextWave BI

At NextWave BI, Kevin is responsible for helping companies build and bring to market data products using embedded analytics. He uses his experience as a product owner and working at analytics firms to help businesses develop engaging analytic products that drive revenue and customer engagement.

Prior to NextWave BI, Kevin held positions leading embedded analytics teams, designing SaaS products and performance management strategies, and managing product strategy for companies such as Birst, ServiceSource, SAP Labs, and Qwest Communications.


Reed Walton

Embedded Analytics Consultant

Over 10 years direct experience as a data analyst and enthusiast. Currently serves as consultant to our customers who are looking to increase customer satisfaction and engagement through embedding analytics in their own products and services.

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