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How Dell HR Leverages Tableau and Tableau Server for Modeling and Forecasting

Dell HR leverages Tableau and Tableau Server to perform routine reporting, advanced reporting, advanced analytics, and predictive modeling on a dynamic 150 thousand team member workforce. Learn how the techniques used to show reconciliation reporting, org. hygiene, turnover, shoring, and costs, can be replicated quickly and easily at your enterprise.

Learn how to apply several advanced HR analytics techniques using a simple data set and Tableau. We’ll demonstrate how to construct a time to proficiency visualization that explains how all previous and future new hires can reach key levels of proficiency from their hire date(s). Using built in functions of fits, filtering and colors understand the relationship between your HR on-boarding and the effects on performance.

Acerca del orador

John St.John

Data Scientist, Dell

John St. John is a data scientist responsible for analytics and predictive modeling for Dell Computers Human resources. Dell HR is responsible for the data of more than 100 thousand team members in nearly every country. The people insights team have used Tableau to provide operational reporting and advanced analytics to all of the Dell lines of business. Prior to joining Dell, John was the head of reporting and analytics for Wells Fargo Consumer Lending Human Resources where his team provided operational reporting for over 60 thousand team members. John has a background in nanotechnology and biomaterials with expertise in drug delivery, controlled release modeling and clinical trials. He has a PhD in physical chemistry.

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