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Tableau 2019.3: The Future of Analytics is Now

Learn about the latest features

The future of analytics is here. The way by which we interact and ask questions of our data is rapidly evolving. Tableau 2019.3 brings new capabilities to help you and your organization embrace this change. Join analytics and Tableau experts as they outline Tableau’s latest release. Learn about Tableau 2019.3 and the recent innovations that help you build trust in your data and help users quickly go from the “what” to “why” more effectively.

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Tableau 2019.3 Overview
During this 30-minute webinar, Tableau product experts outline the innovations that bring you closer to your data.
30 minutos
Explain Data: From What to Why
Say hello to Explain Data—a new AI-powered feature that helps you understand the “why” behind the values in your data.
23 minutos
Tableau Catalog: Generar confianza y visibilidad
Presentamos Tableau Catalog, una nueva funcionalidad de Tableau Data Management que le permite acceder a una vista completa de sus datos y de cómo los están usando otras personas.
28 minutos