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My Tableau Story with Kimly Scott

The My Tableau Story series showcases the evolving and inspiring experiences of Tableau Community leaders. This episode features global Community leader and Tableau Public Ambassador, Kimly Scott.

Kimly started using Tableau in 2018 when she published her first viz on Tableau Public. Since then, she's become a Tableau Public Ambassador, Tableau Community Equity Taskforce member, and co-lead for Diversity in Data. A professional Analytics Manager, Kimly's work has been featured 12 times on Viz of the Day and she competed as an Iron Viz finalist in 2022, placing second.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Kimly uses data visualisation to highlight topics she's passionate about like gender equality, women’s health, diversity and refugees – leading her to create She Will Viz.

Watch now to be inspired by Kimly's journey and learn more about:

  • Building data visualisation and storytelling skills through Tableau Public
  • Finding belonging and fostering representation through community
  • Data's role in issues with representation, diversity and inequality
  • Resources and guidance for women in data

About the speakers

Kimly Scott

Analytics Manager, LUXASIA

Kimly has over 10 years' experience working in analytics across a wide range of industries. Currently, she is the Analytics Manager for Asia’s largest beauty distributor, Singapore-based LUXASIA; where she has helped to develop a data culture within the organization. Kimly works with Tableau daily to help LUXASIA use data to make better business decisions.

Kimly has been using Tableau for 4.5 years, and in that time has participated in Tableau Community projects such as #MakeoverMonday, #VizForSocialGood, #IronQuest, #ProjectHealthViz and #IronViz. She is also a member of the #MomsWhoViz group. Kimly is inspired everyday by the talent and creativeness of the Tableau and data visualization communities. Kimly is also a Tableau Public Ambassador.

Outside of work and data visualization, Kimly has two young, active daughters to keep her busy.

Caroline Yam TC21 Hubb Headshot

Caroline Yam

Marketing, Tableau

A native Aussie, Caroline is part of the APJ Tableau Marketing team and focuses on community programs across the region. From the sunny coasts of Singapore and across the oceans to Australia, India, and Japan, she helps to connect Tableau users with each other and empower them to share their love of visual analytics for the APAC region. Beyond her role in enabling the community, she’s passionate about working on diversity and inclusion projects internally, and she loves to eat noodles.

Lelia wearing Tableau Community t-shirt smiling on orange background while holding #DataFam sign and peace sign

Lelia Christine Williams

Community Program Manager at Tableau

Lelia Christine Williams is an innovative and strategic marketer passionate about elevating underrepresented voices and connecting change-makers through community. She first joined Tableau in 2012 and focused on helping people learn and be successful with Tableau. She took a sabbatical in 2015 to coach, teach, and run events for creative entrepreneurs.

Upon returning to Tableau in 2017, Lelia led and executed field events across Latin America and the U.S. that connected people and created impact. In 2020, she championed and built the Women Leading Through Change program - a virtual initiative to bring the teachings of impactful community leaders to data people. In 2021, Lelia joined the Tableau Community team as an Integration & Enablement Program Manager, focused on elevating the reach and impact of our Community.

Lelia is passionate about empowering you to love yourself and the life you create - inside and outside of your work. Embracing her talents for writing and speaking, she designed and published the Wild Wisdom guided journal, and the Bloom in Love podcast. She lives in San Diego, CA with her lovable rescue pitbull, Dr. Indiana Jones.

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