Sealed with a KISS: embracing simplicity in Data Visualisation

Keeping things simple in data visualisation is hard. We anchor ourselves in the belief that the harder a visualisation is to create, the more worth it is to the end user. ""Simple"" visualisations such as bar charts and line graphs are the preserve of a boring, unengaging viz aren't they?

For some users watching advanced presentations at a Tableau conference or event can be a disheartening experience: techniques and visualisations you'd love to use but find hard to understand, let alone be able to replicate back in the cold hard light of the office. In this talk Chris will instead demonstrate:

  • Why complexity may not engage your audiences in the way you expect
  • What *really* makes an effective data visualisation
  • How you can ""Keep it Simple, Stupid"" (KISS) and still create eye catching and engaging visualisations in Tableau
  • Live, practical examples of how complex visualisations can be rebuilt as simple charts
  • Simple tips on how to create the illusion of complexity in your visualisations without learning complex techniques"

Chris' session will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with Andy Cotgreave and all 5 of the Zen Masters about all things data viz and Tableau, so bring your questions.

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