Partner Technical Webinar: Tableau + R

This technical on-demand webinar on R will cover information regarding setting up R and use of basic R scripts. The idea is for you to be able to walk away with more insight into how your analytics can be improved with Tableau and R together. This webinar is for someone who is already fairly familiar with R but eager to learn more. There will be some tips and tricks on how to progress your knowledge of R.


  1. What is R and why Tableau + R
  2. How Tableau and R work together
  3. Setting up an R connection to Tableau
  4. Security and Sharing
  5. Shaping Data in R
  6. Multiple Regression
  7. K means for data mining
  8. Leveraging R community for content
  9. Understanding the Rconfig file
  10. FAQ


Marc Lobree

Product Consultant, Tableau Software

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