Introduction to Tableau Blueprint

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This beginner Tableau Success Connector session will help you learn more about the Tableau Blueprint–a step-by-step methodology for building the capabilities you need to create a successful, data-driven organization. The Tableau Blueprint offers prescriptive, documented guidance and best practices to help you successfully deploy Tableau.


  • Overview on the importance of data culture
  • What the Blueprint is and how it can help your organization become data-driven
  • An overview of the core competencies in building a data-driven organization, including Strategy and Teams, Governance, Agility, Proficiency and Community
  • Case studies, resources, and where to learn more

Note: This beginner session is for individuals who are starting out in implementing Tableau or who are new to Tableau Blueprint. This is NOT a formal training or certification session.

Estimated duration: 60 minutes (session: 50 minutes + breakout room: 10 minutes)