Getting Big Value From Big Data….Fast

The exponential growth of data is putting a strain on traditional business intelligence and analytic solutions. New strategies to manage this information and leverage greater business value are top of mind with both business users and IT management. Supporting the needs of self-service users and connecting to a wider assortment of data adds hurdles to achieving a stronger business intelligence environment but are critical for success.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • Why Big Data demands a different approach
  • The necessary components to better managing Big Data
  • Criteria to enable successful social/ collaborative business intelligence
  • How to reduce latency so you get immediate business value from large real-time data

Shawn Rogers, VP of Research, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), will review the elements of a successful Big Data strategy such as self-service analytics, in-memory data processing and augmenting corporate data. In addition, he will profile Yahoo!’s approach to large amounts of advertising data in a real-world, interactive example.

Über die Referenten

Shawn Rogers

VP of Research, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)
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