Census and POI Data for CPG Analytics

Like the Census Bureau and American Community Survey, SafeGraph is committed to democratizing access to data. We recognize that analysis of physical places (our sole focus) often requires demographic data enrichment. That’s why we ingest raw census data, clean it, and package it up for easy analysis with our POI and foot traffic data.

Census data combined with places data is particularly helpful for the CPG industry. Demographic data provides essential context for understanding how store and customer location impact product sales. But to perform this analysis with the accuracy and efficiency required by today’s competitive retail industry, data needs to be centralized, updated in real time, and easily ingested into a business intelligence tool for analytics. By tapping into SafeGraph data via Snowflake Data Marketplace and Tableau's advanced analysis tools, CPG data scientists and data analysts are able to better market, manufacture, and price their products.

Watch Mike Morrow, Technology Partnerships Manager from SafeGraph, Emily Dillon, Product Marketing Manager from Snowflake, and Jeff Huckaby, Director, Global Industry Expertise and Retail and Consumer Goods Lead from Tableau as they walk through applying census and places data for CPG analytics, accessing and storing data in the cloud, and creating compelling visualizations for actionable CPG insights.

About the speakers

Mike Morrow headshot

Mike Morrow

Technology Partnerships Manager, SafeGraph
Emily Dillon headshot

Emily Dillon

Product Marketing Manager, Snowflake
Jeff Huckaby headshot

Jeff Huckaby

Director, Global Industry Expertise and Retail and Consumer Goods Lead, Tableau

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