#AnalyzeTheGame: World Cup

Are you a Tableau beginner? Or maybe you’ve been using Tableau for some time and you are looking for some inspiration. You might be analyzing data during your day job, but outside of work what are you passionate about?

If you love football or sports, this webinar is perfect for you! Join us as we take a look at how other users in the Tableau community used data to answer some of their curiosities about the sport.

It's the World Cup season and we have gathered some of our users across Asia Pacific to share various examples of understanding the World Cups through data. We will also share our favourite vizzes across Tableau Public and discuss what more we can find out about the players and teams at the games

This webinar is part of the #analyzethegame webinar series.
Click here for more information on the rest of the series.

About the speakers


KJ Kim

Manager, APJ Community

Yoshihito Kimura

Tableau Jedi / Tableau Visionary 2018

Yoshihito is a Tableau Jedi and a Tableau Visionary to boot! He is based in Japan and one of only two APAC Tableau Visionaries in 2018.


Andy Kwong

Data Analyst at Football Federation Australia

Andy uses data to understand the current state of football in Australia, and to help Football Federation Australia plan for the future. He works across diverse aspects of the sport, ranging from participation to commercial to the professional arena.

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