Five Tableau resumes to help make your data skills shine

This piece is part of the Back-to-School series on the Tableau blog. Students around the world are returning to school with the hopes of learning new skills that will help them find success in their future careers. Learn more about the skill that tops that list—Tableau.

Employers are increasingly looking for talent that understands data analytics. According to a recent report by PwC and BHEF, new job postings with data analytics skills will reach 2.72 million in 2020. But there’s a skills gap—95% of employers say people with data science and analytics are hard to find. And this gap will only continue to widen.

If you’re looking for a new job, and have data skills, you’re in a good position. Just be sure your data skills shine bright to future employers. What can you do? Instead of merely adding Tableau as a skill on your resume, why not showcase your skills with a visual and interactive resume in Tableau? Our community has created so many impressive and innovative resumes that we couldn’t resist sharing. Here are the favorites from our Tableau Public team (in no particular order), along with their stand-out feature:

Adam Crahen

Stand-out feature: Very cool embedded gallery feature. This viz shows a mastery of a number of Tableau charts with this viz.

Helena Dantas Pires

Stand-out feature: Great use of space in the dashboard. The circle and speaker attributes visualizing the competency level are effective.

Midori Ng

Stand-out feature: Very good focus on and effective layout of the portfolio section.

Grégory Escallier

Stand-out feature: Great use of vertical lines to indicate year across multiple sheets, giving the feel they are all one large sheet.

Mark Jackson

Stand-out feature: Cool use of mark actions to highlight specific skills on the line chart.

Now it’s your turn. Take a look at these helpful tips to get started creating your own resume with Tableau. We’ve love to see your finished product—publish your resume to your Tableau Public profile and share it with us using #VizResume. And if you haven’t already, request your free student license today.