Social media analysis is becoming more important as conversations continue to shift into the digital realm. Many organizations are struggling to combine elusive social data sources into one cohesive analysis, but social media does not need to be difficult to analyze.

Social media data is perceived to be difficult because it has historically been hard to collect and troublesome to combine with other datasources. However, with tools like Google Analytics and Datasift, collecting social media data is easier than ever. In fact, with Google Analytics all you have to do is install the tracking code and detailed source information about social networks is automatically collected. Likewise, Datasift is a powerful mention tracking tool that works accross all of the major social networks... all in one system.

Once you have the data, all you have to do is connect to it in Tableau and create a visualization. To show you how easy it is, we've created this video which combines Google Analytics and Datasift datasources into one cohesive dashboard in less than ten minutes. Take a look for yourself!

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Social media analytics extracts data from all the social media to help in the growth of your business. The data is processed in such a way that the business can research on it and build marketing strategies to raise revenue. But lots of social media platforms are evolving nowadays. All of these platforms are unique from each other. Which is a challenge for social media analytic tools to serve the marketers.
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Outstanding! I was looking to start social media marketing for my business as I am suddenly feeling that my targeted customers are mostly interconnected with social medias like: FACEBOOK,TWITTER, PINTEREST,INSTRAGRAM etc. I am planning to establish a strategy for trial. Before that I am roaming in the blogs for getting some ideas about Social Media Marketing. I hope your one made something clear for me. Thanks

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