5 Lessons from History's Early Data Rockstars

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Get inspired by early data pioneers and the five lessons we can learn from them.

Data visualization has a rich and exciting history. The pioneers, data rockstars in their day, developed new ways of looking at and showing data. What are the most important lessons we can learn from and apply to what we do today? Anyone who has ever tried to change their corner of the world by communicating data to others will be inspired by these early day data rockstars.

This paper showcases early data rockstars and five lessons we can learn from them including:

  • Visualizations help people understand data
  • Talk about your work with others
  • Use a pencil
  • Be creative
  • Let big data inspire you
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A well-crafted, thoughtful visualization makes the light bulb go off. You just don't get that with a spreadsheet.

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