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Data for bottling innovation

CCBSS invites you to discover how analytics can drive growth in your business. Along with one of our analytics partners, Tableau, we've created a one stop shop for you to experience the possibilities and access resources for getting started.

CCBSS and Tableau will be scheduling a series of webinars for U.S. Bottlers in which we will be showcasing how CCNA and select Bottlers are currently leveraging Tableau for data insights. We're covering topics from enhanced supply chain management, to working more effectively with companies like Walmart.

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CCBCC Tableau Customer Story

Check out this short video on how Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated (CCBCC) has leveraged data to understand metrics like delivery operations, budget and profitability with a few clicks.

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Analytics for Everyone


Already a user or want to learn more from your peers? There is a global Tableau user group just for Coca-Cola employees and bottlers, for all experience levels. Meetings are held monthly, in person and streamed virtually.

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Already have Tableau? All Tableau licenses include a free Tableau Prep subscription. Tableau Prep is an integrated ETL tool that will help you clean up dirty data and get to analysis faster.

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New subscription pricing! All Bottlers are eligible to take advantage of the newly updated, Global Coca-Cola Pricing Contract. Affordable subscription pricing can kick-off your analytics practice for as little as $840.

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AI is coming! Coca-Cola is adopting Data on Demand (think Alexa/Siri) and predictive analytics to transforming the Coca Cola system in 2019. What does this mean for you? Or, have you ever considered the possibilities around rolling out a mobile powered solution with write-back capabilities to your field force?

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