Tableau Certification FAQs

Registering for an Exam

If you have a medical disability or condition that requires an accommodation during your exam you may submit a request that will be reviewed by the Tableau Certification team. You must submit the request and receive approval before scheduling your exam. Depending on the accommodation, we may request verified documentation by a physician or health specialist.

Exams are delivered online 24/7, or in a testing center with our exam provider, Pearson VUE, and are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Exams can be scheduled online by completing the following steps: 

  1. Create and/or log in to your Tableau Certification Account 

    IMPORTANT: Your account must reflect your legal first and last name exactly as it appears on the identification you will present at the time of your exam. If it is not an exact match, you will not be able to take your test and may forfeit your exam fee. Your middle name may appear on your identification but is not used to create your account nor is it reviewed during the check-in process. 

    More information on ID requirements can be found here

  2. Navigate to "Schedule My Exam"
  3. Choose "Schedule or Manage my exam with Pearson"
  4. On your Pearson Dashboard, you will select the exam you would like to take and proceed with scheduling. 

Use the name that is on your government-issued identification when creating your account.  This information is used when creating your certification account during the single sign-on process.  First and last names used to register for the exam must match what is on your identification.  The capitalization of names should not affect the check-in process during the exam. 


Currently, the Pearson VUE website is not compatible with double-byte characters.  Using double-byte characters will produce an error message when trying to navigate to the Pearson VUE website. 


Example: John Smith v. ジョンスミス or Jón Smith


If you need to update your name on your account, please submit a case through Trailhead Help

You can purchase your exam with a credit card - American Express, Mastercard, or Visa. No other payment methods are currently available. Additional taxes may apply. 

Exams are delivered online 24/7, or in a testing center by our exam provider, Pearson VUE.  For online exams, all you need is a computer, a webcam, and a fast/reliable internet connection. 

Yes. You can purchase exams in bulk with a credit card through the Tableau Certification Store. Please note it may take up to 2 hours to receive your vouchers upon completing your purchase. Additional taxes may apply. More information on purchasing through the Tableau Certification Store can be found here

Yes. Please note, you must reschedule no later than 24 hours before the exam start time for online exams, and 48 hours before the exam start time for testing centers. A $25 rescheduling fee is charged for all rescheduled exams. 


  1. Log in to your Tableau Certification Account 
  2. Navigate to "Schedule My Exam"
  3. Choose "Schedule or Manage my exam with Pearson"
  4. On your Pearson Dashboard, navigate to "View your upcoming appointment" and select the exam you would like to reschedule. 

Yes, you can cancel your exam and receive a refund if you cancel at least 24 hours before the exam start time for online exams, and 48 hours before the exam start time for testing centers. If you fail to show for a scheduled exam time, you will forfeit your exam fee.

To cancel your exam, please complete the following steps: 

  1. Log in to your Tableau Certification Account 
  2. Navigate to "Schedule My Exam"
  3. Choose "Schedule or Manage my exam with Pearson"
  4. On your Pearson Dashboard, navigate to "View your upcoming appointment" and select the exam you would like to cancel.

Preparing for an Exam

First, and most importantly, for online-proctored exams ensure your computer and environment are prepared. Technical problems experienced during an exam are most often the result of the test-takers internet connection. Please follow the instructions in the Technical Requirements document. Please note, if you do not meet the minimum display resolution of 1024 x 768 or are concerned about meeting other technical requirements, we highly recommend taking your exam in a testing center.

Next, read the Exam Prep Guide which will provide competencies measured and resources for studying.

No, but it is highly recommended. Exam content maps with eLearning and Tableau Classroom Training course materials. Information on these courses can be found within each Exam Prep Guide.

No. Experience with Tableau products is important to be successful but a licensed version of Tableau is not a requirement to taking an exam. If your exam has hands-on items you will be provided a licensed version of Tableau within the lab environment to use during the exam.

Role experience and time using the product with various scenarios and data sets is critical. It is not likely you will pass the exam immediately following a training course.

Every exam is difficult if you are not properly prepared. To be successful, it is highly recommended that you complete the corresponding Tableau Classroom Training courses and Learning Paths outlined in the Exam Prep Guide.

Taking an Exam

Learn more about the test experience for exams proctored online or in a test center by watching this short video

You will need to complete the check-in process before you start your exam. Check-in begins 30 minutes before your scheduled exam time. We recommend having your mobile phone handy to aid in the process. 

You can check-in for your online-proctored exam in two ways: 

  1. By selecting "Check-in to start exam" on your confirmation, reschedule, or reminder emails
  2. By logging into your online Tableau Certification Account
    - Navigate to "Schedule My Exam" 
    - Choose "Schedule or Manage my exam with Pearson"
    - On your Pearson Dashboard, navigate to "View your upcoming appointment"
    - Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the check-in process


Yes. You must show a valid government-issued ID in its original form (not a photocopy). The ID must include a recent, recognizable photo. More information on ID requirements can be found here

It depends on the exam you are taking. Please review the Exam Prep Guide for information on approved resources, if applicable.

A proctor will monitor the testing environment through your webcam and microphone for online exams. Copying or sharing exam questions is strictly prohibited, resulting in dismissal from the program.

It is the test taker’s responsibility to maintain connectivity throughout the exam session. If connectivity is lost your proctor will call your mobile phone to re-establish connection. We understand that phone use is prohibited during the exam so we recommend keeping your phone out of arm’s reach but close enough in the event the proctor needs to reach you due to technical issues.

If you experience a technical issue during your online-proctored exam and cannot resume your session after you have met with a greeter, Pearson VUE will automatically log a case on your behalf.

After Exam

You will receive an email when your score report is available. Then you can sign into your certification account to view your result. It can take up to 24 hours after receiving this email for results to be visible in your Certification account.

To view your score report, navigate to 'Schedule My Exam', then 'Go to Pearson' and click to view your score report from that page.

If you've earned a Certification Title, navigate to 'Title History'. Click into your title in order to download your eCertificate.

The Tableau certification program is moving towards the industry standard of scaled scoring. This means that the required score to pass a Tableau exam will be 750 on a scaled score of 100-1000. Scaled scores are a mathematical conversion of the number of items that a candidate answers correctly so that there is a consistent scale used across all forms of the exam. A relevant example is the process of converting pounds to kilograms. Scaled scoring models are used to equate scores across multiple exam forms that may have slightly different difficulty levels.

  • If you fail your first attempt, you must wait 24 hours before registering for your second attempt.
  • If you fail your second attempt, you must wait 14 days before registering for your third attempt.
  • If you fail your third attempt, you must wait 6 months before registering for your fourth attempt.
  • The retake policy will reset after the fourth attempt.

You must pay the exam fee for each attempt.

No. Tableau Certification follows industry standard practices. To ensure exam integrity, questions or details beyond what is shown in your score report will not be provided.

Tableau exams, like most certification exams, are designed to measure skills, not enable skills. Most score reports will indicate module or topic area detail which you can utilize to understand areas that need further study.

Title Management

You can access your e-certificate in your Tableau Certification Account.  Once you have logged into your account, navigate to  "Title History" > "My Titles and Status" on the left navigation pane. Click "View More" on the Active title tile, then choose DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATE.

You will receive an email from Credly which will have instructions on how to accept your digital badge. 

A digital badge is a verifiable, portable online artifact that displays and achievement. It can demonstrate your skill set on your digital resume or social platforms. Tableau has partnered with Credly to translate your achievements into a badge, issued and maintained through the Credly Platform

No. This is a benefit Tableau provides to you, at no cost. 

Share your digital badge(s) to your social profiles or grab a unique URL to share where you want from the Credly Platform

With multiple levels of certification, it's important for people to be able to discern your skill level. Representing your skills as a badge enables you to share your abilities online in a way that is simple, trusted, and can be easily verified in real time. Badges provide concrete evidence of your skill level. 

While badges are simply digital files, they are uniquely linked to data hosted on Credly's platform. This eliminates the possibility of anyone claiming your credential and your associated identity. 

It depends on the exam type. See the Exam Prep Guide for information on how long a title is active for. 

You will want to pass the corresponding exam again to reset your active status. Expired titles are unable to receive certain benefits and do not allow for discounts on exam purchases. Digital badges for expired titles will remain available to you but will show as expired. 

Since titles are held by individuals, you will take it with you. To change the email address on your exam account, please submit a case through Trailhead Help.

Certification Account Transition & Viewing Historical Titles

All titles achieved at LES have been imported into the new account.

This may be a result of a duplicate account that was created during the transition. In the event you do not see the exam on your Pearson Dashboard under "View your upcoming appointment", please use the "Check in to start exam" button on your confirmation, reschedule, or reminder email. Once you have taken your exam and received your score report, your accounts will be merged. 

Exam Retirement

The Tableau Desktop Certified Professional, Tableau Desktop Certified Associate, and Tableau Server Certified Professional are retired. 

We will continue to endorse, support, and promote your credential through its expiration date. We will not expire titles prematurely even though the exams will no longer be available. Your digital badge will also be available and will have an expired flag once your expiration date is reached.

There is no better way to prove your proficiency than getting Tableau Certified and this is even more true for those who have advanced level skills. We are exploring options for reimagined advanced certifications with the intention of launching new titles in the future.