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Using Data to Predict the Unpredictable at Christie NHS Trust

When is an incident an exception or part of a growing trend? How can historical data be used to inform decisions and account for the seemingly unpredictable events that make up the changing healthcare environment?

By developing dashboards aimed at specific decisions and using real time data and statistical techniques to cut through the noise, Tableau helps put analytics at the heart of NHS decision making at all levels.

Join us for this session and hear from Daniel Tibble, BI Manager at Christie NHS Trust, Nathaniel Van Gulck from Trustmarque Solutions, and Alex Ross from Tableau to learn:

  • How to visualise NHS data in real time
  • How strategic decisions can be made with inpatient bed data
  • Where quality can be improved using statistical process control charts
  • The ease at which you can get started with analytics in the cloud
  • How data can be used to drive better patient outcomes, throughout the organisation

About the speakers


Daniel Tibble

Head of Business Intelligence, wejo

Daniel has over 10 years experience driving data culture through BI, Data Science and Analytics initiatives in industries as diverse as healthcare, eCommerce, retail and automotive. Having led many data product and self-serve developments, he has a creative and problem focused approach to delivering data value.


Nat Van Gulck

Business Intelligence Solutions Architect at Trustmarque

Alex Ross

Sales Consultant, EMEA

Alex is a Sales Consultant helping customers and prospects be successful with Tableau and understand the impact that can have on the way they run their business. Alex has over 12 years’ experience in the data-related software industry working with organisations across a variety of sectors including not-for-profit, higher education, finance, and government.

Prior to joining Tableau Alex specialised in data quality, financial risk and compliance, and CRM using a range of database and reporting technologies. Alex’s blog tableaujunkie.com helps people to understand how they can integrate data from a variety of sources with Tableau Software.

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