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Tableau on Tableau: Finance Analytics

See how we do data

It's tough to keep up with what is happening across an entire company on a daily basis. In this session, we'll show you how the Tableau finance department uses Tableau to do just that.

Mike Crook, Tableau's Director of Finance Analytics will share how his team unlocks insights with rapid-fire data visualization and analysis. We'll also display interactive executive data dashboards for travel and expenses, financial planning, treasury, purchasing, accounts receivable and internal controls.

In this webcast we'll discuss:

  • Various finance dashboards we use internally at Tableau
  • Connecting to and exploring data from sources like NetSuite, Egencia, Concur, Coupa, Anaplan and Salesforce
  • How to quickly go from an extract of invoices to data-rich dashboards that your AR team will love

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You can download the Tableau Workbook used in this presentation here.

About the speaker


Mike Crook

Director of Finance Data Office, Salesforce + Tableau

Mike spent four years as a software developer supporting financial & management systems before moving into a number of different IT management roles. In 2001, he moved into his first “data analytics” role and luckily discovered Tableau Desktop in 2007. This discovery changed his career. Mike joined Tableau as the first IT Finance Manager in late 2011 and in 2015, he took on a new role as the Senior Manager of Analytics to enable everyone at Tableau to use Tableau. In 2016, he moved back into Finance to lead Finance Analytics. Now he is the Director of the Finance Data Office at Salesforce driving Data Strategy, Governance and Analytics across the entire Finance organization (which includes Tableau). He’s excited to share how anyone, but specifically finance professionals, can use Tableau to see and understand their own data.

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