On-Demand Webinar

Tableau Prep Virtual Test Drive - English (24 Mar)

Tableau continues to work towards its mission of helping people see and understand their data.

We learned that one of the biggest roadblocks in data analysis is data preparation.

Meet Tableau Prep; a smart, friendly, intuitive and easy way to explore and prepare your data so that it is analytics ready! Try it yourself in this hands-on session.

It’s self-service data preparation, for everyone!

This session includes online exercises. Before the session, please ensure you have a copy of Tableau Prep Builder or the 14-day trial version installed, and we'll take it for a drive.

Have a question? Contact your Tableau Account Manager or email your request to seamarketing@tableau.com.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will get introduced to the interface of Tableau Prep Builder
  • Participants will go over common real-life data problems and how Tableau Prep Builder can help tackle these
  • Participants will be introduced on they can leverage Prep at scale, by using Tableau Prep Conductor

Examples of Data Problems that the hands-on will cover:

  • Working with data from disparate data sources
  • Determining the structure and composition of your data
  • Working with data that have different structures and aggregation levels
  • Dealing with human error in data inputs
  • Automating the process of cleaning the data

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