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Rolling out Tableau across your enterprise

Selecting software the business wants does not ensure success. Driving digital transformation or changing enterprise-wide decision-making with modern analytics requires much more than just the right technology. In fact, the role of IT becomes even more critical to facilitate rollout and enablement throughout your organization.

Modern analytics success—from big data to big impact

As Tableau has grown over the years, we’ve learned a lot from our customers about successful deployments of modern analytics that drive real change in the organization. Now, we want to share proven practices for IT-powered, self-service BI to help you make the most of your investment—because having a modern analytics platform that your employees are excited about is just one step toward success.

Join this live webinar to learn:

  • Why it’s critical (and how to) collaboratively identify your long-term vision and modern analytics strategy
  • How to understand important considerations for both the business and IT—including analytics strategy, enterprise BI architecture, governance, education, management, and building an internal user community
  • What roles and responsibilities need to be involved in different processes during a rollout and growing adoption of your modern BI platform
  • What resources are available to help ensure success for you and your team

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"How your users interact with Tableau will have a big bearing on scalability challenges. At my organisation we chose to go fully self-service, with users having the flexibility to author content and publish to the server as they wish. Some organisations have support teams that act as production checkpoints, and that has benefits, but going fully self-service means your team won't be a bottleneck and that will make life easier as your user base grows. Just be sure to implement a form of self-service that allows strong governance."

About the speakers


Andy Cooper

Lead Solution Engineer, Tableau

Andy is a Lead Solution Engineer at Tableau; formerly of Alteryx and Lavastorm, he has extensive experience around data prep and transformation. Prior to working in the data analytics space, Andy spent eight years working for Advanced Business Solutions helping customers develop their Financial Management Systems and Reporting tools. As a former accountant, Andy’s had lots of exposure to reporting tools such as Crystal Reports, Business Objects and Cognos (and lots and lots of Excel!).


Michael Hetrick

Director, Product Marketing, Tableau

Michael Hetrick is a Director, Product Marketing at Tableau. He draws upon his frontline experience as a customer, consultant, and services delivery manager to help customers understand the value of Tableau and how to operate their mission-critical Tableau deployments with modern analytics best practices.

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