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Modernizing Sales Analytics with IT and Tableau

Extracting informative insights from sales data is every sales executives dream and together Informatica’s sales operations and IT team set out on a mission to accomplish just that. Yasser Said, Vice President of Global Sales and Operations, partnered with Data Scientist, Peter Vanderhaak to transform the way Informatica collects, analyzes, and reports out on sales data across the organization.

With a simple goal in mind, Yasser and Peter wanted to create visual reports that were easily consumable, yet highly effective. Architecting a self-service model that enables sales leaders and contributors to discover key insights into their own business is a priority.

Watch this 45-minute webinar with Yasser and Peter to hear about:

  • Challenges and pain points with existing sales reports
  • How Tableau grew as an enterprise reporting tool
  • Opportunities that were brought forward by implementing change
  • Eating their own dog food and building a self-service data strategy

This presentation is brought to you by in partnership with Tableau and Informatica.

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About the speakers


Yasser Said

VP, Global Sales Operations, Informatica

Yasser is the sales strategy leader at Informatica, ensuring sales and field operations has the tools and information it vitally needs to succeed. His previous background consists of both Sales and IT management roles, more recently at MarkLogic, McAfee/Intel Security, Blue Coat Systems and EMC. Yasser holds a BS in Business from San Jose State University.


Peter Vanderhaak

Data Scientist, Informatica

Peter Vanderhaak is a 10 year employee of Informatica, spending 6 years in IT building Informatica’s internal data warehouse, business intelligence and master data management architectures and now serves as the Data Scientist for the Sales Strategy and Operations team. Prior to Informatica, Peter led teams within HP’s Financial Services organization supporting the leasing and venture capital systems and deployments.


Todd Talkington

Senior Technology Partner Manager, Tableau Software

Todd Talkington is a 15-year veteran of the high-tech industry. At Tableau, Todd is focused on managing the relationships with Tableau technology partners, helping them bring solutions to market that enable Tableau customers better see and understand their data.

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