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The Modern Approach to Enterprise Analytics

Traditional report factories are rapidly becoming obsolete. Enterprise organizations are shifting to self-service analytics and looking for a sustainable, yet long-term approach to governance that satisfies the needs of both the business and IT. The Business needs real-time access to data to drive critical decisions. IT needs to audit and manage data to ensure it’s accurate, secure, and governed to scale. With only eight percent of people in traditional organizations able to both ask and answer their own questions, it’s time to take a closer look at your analytics strategy.

In this 45-minute video you'll learn about:

  • Visual data analysis brings speed, value, accuracy, collaboration and leads to culture of analytics
  • Modern enterprises are eliminating boundaries between IT and the business
  • Shifting to enterprise self-service analytic tools empowers both the business and IT
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About the speaker


Rahul Trehan

Sales Consultant, Tableau

Rahul is a sales consultant supporting customers in their business analytics initiatives across the ASEAN region. Having worked in the technology industry for last 9 years for companies like Oracle and IBM, Rahul has an understanding of a varied range of technologies spanning business analytics, middleware and integration, and business process management. He holds a degree in computer engineering from Nanyang Technological University Singapore.

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