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How Data Visualization Helped a Small Marketing Agency Take on the World

Audience Audit develops custom segmentation research for agencies, corporations, educational institutions and non-profits. In 2012 they initiated an effort to better target their ideal customers – agencies that need the data they provide to support strategic efforts for their clients. Their clients need to get the data quickly, understand the story it tells and be able to share that information (often 100 charts or more) with their own clients.

Using data visualization to deliver insights from their custom research for clients allowed them to dramatically reduce their investment in each project, radically reduce fees, take on more work and experience a five-fold increase in revenue in the last year.

This webinar will present a case study of that growth as well as the dashboards and methods Audience Audit uses in customer segmentation.

You will learn how visual reporting:

  • saves you time and resources.
  • helps you target the right prospects quickly.

About the speaker


Susan Baier

President, Audience Audit

Susan brings 25 years of experience in marketing, strategy and research -- agency side, client side, small business, big BIG business — you name it, Susan’s probably been there. Finally, after many years working for other people, she went rogue and started Audience Audit — a little research company with big ideas.

Audience Audit develops custom attitudinal segmentation research for smart agencies and their clients. Nobody you know gets passionate about audience segmentation like Susan does. It’s a little weird.

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