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Gain a competitive advantage: Understanding the voice of the customer with AI

Competition for customers is at an all-time high as companies focus on customer metrics to surface actionable insight.

Organizations are gaining a competitive advantage, with AI-powered speech recognition automatically capturing customers’ feedback and visual analytics’s ability to turn that data into actionable insight.

In this webinar, see how the once overwhelming task of capturing and analyzing mountains of customer data is not only possible with AI, but is easy to scale and automate.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Learn the key retail customer analytics trends
  • See a demo of how AI can quickly and accurately capture voice interactions
  • Learn which customer metrics to capture and how to use them to minimize risk
  • Learn how to apply visual best practices to your customer data

About the speakers


Emily Nave

Director, Strategic Partnerships | VoiceBase

Emily leads Strategic Partnerships at VoiceBase and spearheaded the initiative to leverage Tableau to display and analyze insights from speech analytics. Previously she served as Director of Marketing for VoiceBase, developing unique and successful marketing strategies to meet the needs of an emerging industry, with a rapidly growing customer base. Emily has a keen grasp of the strategies to apply speech technology to improve business process automation and provide actionable intelligence across multiple departments within an enterprise.


Patrick McCormick


Patrick is on a mission to provide insight. He is a pragmatic, seasoned Business Intelligence (BI)/Analytics professional with extensive experience bridging the gap between business and technology. He's worked in the data space for 25+ years and is passionate about the data community. To that end, he started and continues to lead the Madison Tableau User Group (TUG) and is a Tableau User Group Ambassador. He also has served on the Wisconsin Data Management Association (DAMA) Executive Board since 2004.


Bridget Cogley

Senior Consultant | McCormick BI Three-Time Tableau Visionary

As an interpreter turned analyst, Bridget Cogley brings an interdisciplinary approach to data analytics. She’s been a senior Consultant for the last five years and is a three time Tableau Visionary. Prior to consulting, Bridget managed an analytics department, which included vetting and selecting Tableau, creating views in the database, and building comprehensive reporting. She also has experience in training, HR, managing, and sales support.


Jeff Huckaby

Director of Global Industry Advisors, Retail and Consumer Goods Lead, Tableau

Jeff Huckaby is a former Tableau retail and consumer goods subject matter experts. With over two decades of experience in retail and analytics, Jeff led analytical functions within both business and IT. 

Follow Jeff on Twitter: @huck5 and LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jeffhuckaby

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