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Bridging the Gap: How Werner is Leveraging Tableau to Customize its Native Applications

In this session, find out how at Werner Enterprises, we are using Tableau to tap into the source data to build custom views across the company - and how we’re using digital signage to broadcast a consistent message to its offices across the globe.

In this session we will cover the following topics:

- Get me the data: how business and IT maintain a relationship dedicated to taking care of business

- The right tool in the right hands: identifying the analytical operational mind

- Full buy in: business Leadership uses real time data via Tableau to find out answers

- World-wide broadcast: telling the masses with Tableau and digital signage

About the speaker


Jeff Walters

Director, Strategic Business Analytics

Jeff is the Director of Strategic Business Analytics at Werner Enterprises, and is responsible for data delivery to the organization, and managing key data and analytics initiatives. Prior to his current role, Jeff worked 15 years in the operations and marketing departments, managing teams up to 35 people. Jeff’s knowledge of both the business and the data, has helped Werner’s reporting move to the speed of business.

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