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Architecting Your Modern Analytics Ecosystem – Informatica + Tableau

Traditional report factories are rapidly becoming obsolete. Enterprise organizations are shifting to self-service analytics and looking for a sustainable, yet long-term approach to governance that satisfies the needs of both the business and IT. The Business needs real-time access to data to drive critical decisions. IT needs to audit and manage data to ensure it’s accurate, secure, and governed to scale. With only eight percent of people in traditional organizations able to both ask and answer their own questions, it’s time to take a closer look at your analytics strategy.

In this 45-minute webinar you'll learn how:

  • Visual data analysis brings speed, value, accuracy, and collaboration that leads to a culture of analytics
  • Modern enterprises are eliminating boundaries between IT and the business
  • Shifting to enterprise grade self-service analytic tools empowers both the business and IT
  • Building the modern ecosystem with strategic partnerships allows you to focus on business impact

See how Tableau and Informatica work together or view IT-powered use cases.

Try Tableau for yourself.

About the speakers


Josh Weyburne

Enterprise Systems Consultant, Tableau

Josh Weyburne is an Enterprise Systems Consultant at Tableau. He is passionate about Tableau and helping IT and the business come together to bring modern analytics to organizations. He believes that we are in the “2nd Phase” of disruption as pertains to self-service analytics. Phase 1 is about technology and Phase 2 is about the people and processes needed to scale a data driven culture in organizations.


Todd Talkington

Senior Technology Partner Manager, Tableau Software

Todd Talkington is a 15-year veteran of the high-tech industry. At Tableau, Todd is focused on managing the relationships with Tableau technology partners, helping them bring solutions to market that enable Tableau customers better see and understand their data.


Don Tirsell

VP Cloud Business Development, Alliances and OEM, Informatica

For 27 years, Don a Silicon Valley veteran continues to excel in executive roles at fast-paced, high growth software and technology companies. With a unique blend of leadership, partnering, sales, and technical skills developed through a variety of depth and breadth roles – Don is enthusiastic about developing Alliances, OEM Sales, Product/Solution Marketing and Product Development.

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