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Accelerate your Data into Pole Position with Tableau

Seeing is believing! Discover how Tableau transforms Formula 1 data into powerful visualisations and race-winning insights, so you can do the same with your data.

In this webinar with Biztory, see Tableau in action visually analysing 70 years of Formula 1 data, including 72 circuits and 127 drivers. Learn exactly how to build real-time visualisations and dashboards that unlock a host of fascinating racing insights.

Discover how data and visual analytics can answer Formula 1's big questions:

  • Hamilton, Vettel, or Schumacher. Can the data separate them?
  • What's the secret to winning the F1 Championship? We'll visualise all the data in one dashboard
  • Which track generates the fastest speeds? Let's analyse data over time
  • How has Formula 1 changed throughout history? See how to build a story out of data
  • Which country produces the most champions? Learn how to visualise data geographically

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About the speaker


Damien Arazi

Analytics Consultant at Biztory

As an analytics consultant at Biztory, Damien helps people better understand their data through Tableau.

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