Your role in data

As an Executive Sponsor, you are responsible for driving the decisions and strategies that enable your organization’s continued growth and success. You are responsible for:

Communicating and selling the vision for modern analytics across the organization.

Aligning the use of analytics with strategic initiatives that drive organizational transformation.

Setting the example of using facts over intuition by placing data at the center of every conversation in department meetings as a visible and vocal user of the platform.


This learning path includes:


Getting Started with Tableau Cloud


Topics Covered: Tableau Basics

Grasp the introductory skills you need for interacting with data on Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server and sharing content with colleagues. Learn core data literacy concepts, and explore how different job roles and user types engage with web content. Become familiar with site features, save custom views, share views, and collaborate by using comments. 



The Role of the Executive Sponsor


Topics Covered: Blueprint, Data Culture

Use Tableau Blueprint to transform your organization into one that is data-driven. 



Assessment: Drive Data Culture and Strategies

You’ve got the right data skills for your role – now it’s time to show them off. Pass this Skills Assessment and earn a Skill Badge.

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