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September 2021 Sprint Demos


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  • TabCompare 2.0
  • Hyper API and the Data Update API in Lambda
  • Dashboard Extensions API Updates

About the speakers


Tucker Sjoblad

Developer Evangelist

Tucker is all about making connections: He is a specialist and developer advocate for the Connector Plugin SDK and Hyper API. Before joining the #DataDev family, Tucker spent three years as a solutions engineer at Tableau. Outside of work, Tucker is an avid skier, tennis player, drummer, and is always looking for something new to cook.


Michael Kovner

Tableau Product Management Senior Manager

Matt Coles

Matt has always enjoyed working at the intersection of people and technology. As the administrator of Tableau's own internal Tableau Server environment, he likes his servers up, his load times short, and his chicken spicy. After eight years slinging T-SQL to support back-end systems in the legal tech industry, he's learned that the right solution should not preclude the now solution, and he's excited to get creative with you.

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