Dashboard Extensions API

With our Dashboard Extensions API, developers can create dashboard extensions that enable customers to integrate and interact with functionality or data from other applications directly in Tableau.

Tableau Server, Tableau Cloud, Tableau Desktop
JavaScript, HTML

Supported By: Tableau Server and Desktop: at least 2018.2, and Tableau Cloud

The Tableau Dashboard Extensions API allows developers to create extensions for Tableau. Tableau extensions are web applications that can interact and communicate with Tableau. A dashboard extension can be placed in the dashboard like any other dashboard object.


  • Create an extension that has write-back functionality, so users can modify data in a viz and have that change automatically update the source data in the database or web application
  • Build custom viz and interactivity types such as a filter replacement with a custom interface and network diagram
  • Integrate 3rd party functionality inside the dashboard


  • Interact with data from other business applications directly in Tableau
  • Customize Tableau's Desktop environment for a specific team's workflow