Adriana Gil Miner

Adriana Gil Miner heads up the global Brand Communications and Events departments at Tableau Software where she is responsible for cultivating relationships with industry experts, media, academia and NGOs to advance the mission of Tableau of helping people see and understand their data.

Having over 18 years of technology marketing experience, Adriana brings together the art of storytelling, technology, and marketing to create breakthrough campaigns that build up brands. Adriana thrives on bringing new technologies to market and has worked on an array of projects from launching Samsung 3D TVs to building digital platforms at American Express to managing a top company growth program called Recurring Payments; and as CMO of Artefact, helped to put the product innovation firm on the map and launch their first spinoff company, 10,000ft.

Adriana studied Mass Communication in her native hometown of Venezuela and obtained a Masters degree in Digital Communication at the University of Washington. She loves to travel and prides herself on discovering and nurturing up-and-coming marketer rockstars.