Tableau on AWS - Customer stories eBook

Tableau integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to empower enterprises to maximize the return on their organization’s data and to leverage their existing technology investments. Direct connections to Amazon data sources - Amazon Redshift (including Redshift Spectrum), Amazon Aurora, Amazon Athena and Amazon EMR - make the Tableau platform a natural choice for analyzing the data stored in Amazon’s data sources.

Beyond this, Tableau provides the depth and breadth of capabilities to ensure that data can be confidently deployed across the entire enterprise. Tableau Server runs seamlessly in Amazon’s cloud infrastructure so organizations that prefer to deploy applications on Amazon Web Services have a complete solution offering from Tableau.

In this eBook, discover how some of our customers use Tableau on AWS to power
their analytics in the cloud.

• St. Mary’s Bank consolidates data with cloud-driven analytics from Tableau and AWS
• Experian uses Tableau’s deep analytics to deliver targeted community care during the COVID-19 pandemic
• Box cuts analysis time by days with Tableau and Amazon Redshift, freeing engineers to discover new high-growth markets
• Sysco grows revenue, increases agility with Tableau on AWS
• FREE NOW unifies data from 13 countries with Tableau, enabling self-service analytics for over 50% of its workforce

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