How Salesforce Uses Tableau for HR Analytics

Human Resource teams (HR) have been hit hard by new and unexpected challenges in recent years, with little sign that changes will slow. After being forced to navigate the pandemic, HR departments are now juggling evolving flexible-work arrangements, labor shortages and attrition, and budget cuts — all while driving employee engagement and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) recruitment.

With Tableau, HR and People Analytics teams can move fast, tackling high-priority use cases and quickly turn around accurate reporting when leaders ask for it. The platform helps HR professionals be nimble, make the most of their resources, and solve common challenges around data onboarding, dashboard creation, metric calculations, and more.

Read the eBook to learn how Tableau’s People Analytics can turn your data into a resource to recruit more efficiently, ensure a safe and equitable workplace, or create best-in-class employee experiences.

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